The Story of Baldrick

Date: 2012-07-10 10:07:34 | Category: Bird Protection | Author: Tommi Townsend
West Yorkshire Animals In Need is kept very busy at this time of year with birds, especially youngsters that are injured, sick or orphaned. Fledglings have a particularly difficult time of things as they not only have to learn how to eat and drink for themselves but also how to fly solo.

'Baldrick' was assumed to be an orphan fledgling and had been taken into the vets by a concerned member of the public. The vets promptly called WYAIN who took over the case and brought 'Baldrick' home to assess. She was in good condition but obviously needed help getting to the next stage of her development.

The Story of Baldrick

It's sometimes tricky to tell if the fledgling bird has actually been abandoned or whether it is simply being taught how to fly by mum and dad. A fledgling will sit on a wall, a building or even on a lawn endlessly squawking for its parents and to onlookers this looks as if the fledgling has been abandoned. However, usually if you wait and watch you will see mum and dad keeping a very discreet, but vigilant, watchful eye on their young from a good vantage point. At the first sign of impending danger they will swoop in to the rescue.

We ensured that 'Baldrick' was kept hydrated, well fed, warm and stress free. We just had to keep our distance as much as possible as the last thing we wanted was a tame bird. 'Baldrick' had to be released back into the wild where she belonged. But before this could happen she needed her tail feathers to develop which would allow her to fly properly and not simply hover just above the ground for a few metres and then fall to the ground. She would also have to learn how to feed for herself.

After a couple of weeks 'Baldrick' was introduced to some other young blackbirds and learnt how to fly in a large aviary where she was safe. She very quickly learnt how to feed herself as she watched her peers peck away at the food in the aviary gobbling away quite merrily.

The Story of Baldrick

Once 'Baldrick' and her friends became ready for release back into the wild the aviary was left open and they flew back and forth into the outside world at will. As their confidence increased they spent more and more time outside of the aviary until they no longer used it at all. It's all too easy to become emotionally attached to these loving little birds but you just have to allow them to live as birds the wild! They are not pets and should never be thought of as such.

'Baldrick' and friends have been successfully released into their natural wild environment where they can lead a full and active life.

The Story of Baldrick

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