Cat First aid Kit

Cats may have nine lives but they still suffer their fair share of accidents along the way. Be prepared by having a feline first-aid kit ready and waiting.

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Cotton wool, swabs and a cotton bandage:

Dressings would normally be applied by a veterinary surgeon, but if your cat is injured and bleeding you may be able to stem the blood flow with cotton wool. Dampening the cotton wool in water first helps prevent it from sticking to a wound. Always check wounds carefully to make sure nothing is sticking in (e.g. glass) or out (e.g. bone). If bone protrudes from a wound, do not touch it – get veterinary help immediately.


These should be chosen with care, so consult your vet. If there is evidence of infection in a cat’s wound your vet may prescribe antibiotics. Human preparations are often unsuitable for cats as many contain toxic chemicals known as phenols. Any antiseptic cream you use should be a preparation made specifically for cats.


Useful to remove any thorns or stings you find on your cat’s face or paws. If your cat has been stung, the area will often swell up dramatically and veterinary advice should be sought quickly.

Tick remover:

A handy item to have! Cats can play host to a variety of ticks and it is important to remove them correctly. Leaving the head parts in the skin may cause irritation, while inadvertently squeezing the tick’s meal of blood back in may infect your cat with disease.


Some owners find a pill-giver invaluable. There are a variety of designs and it is a question of trial and error to find one that suits. Other owners find it easier to give a pill by hand – ask your vet to show you how if he prescribes them.

Ear-cleaning solutions:

These may be useful for cats with waxy ears. However, they should not be over-used as doing so can make the problem worse. If any ear problem does not resolve, ask your vet to check if there are mites or other infection present.

Flea preparations:

The best flea treatments are available from your vet. Always have a flea preparation available and treat cats regularly to remove these irritating pests. Some cats are allergic to flea bites, resulting in nasty skin disease and hair loss, so make sure your cat and your home are flea-free.

Worming preparations

Cat wormers are available from vets and pet shops. Be sure to buy the correct product or it will not be successful. Some will kill all kinds of worms – one type will even kill both internal and external parasites. With young cats, worming for roundworms is probably most important, while tapeworm are common in older kittens and adults.

Fur-ball removers

Useful for long-haired cats, fur-ball removers usually come in toothpaste-type tubes and are flavoured for palatability. A paste-like fur-ball remedy is more effective and safer than using liquid paraffin, which is dangerous if accidentally inhaled.

Cat toothpaste and toothbrush

If your cat is prone to dental disease, a cat toothpaste and toothbrush may prove useful if he will let you brush his teeth. There are specially designed toothbrushes to fit on your finger – and even liver-flavoured toothpaste!


Many medicines, including conventional, herbal and homoeopathic, are available at pet shops. These can prove useful, but remember that if your cat does not improve over 24-48 hours, or deteriorates despite home treatment, you should ask your vet for advice.

Important – please read

Although our experts always do their best to help, this service is not intended to be a replacement for a one-to-one consultation with your own vet. If you are worried about any aspect of your animal’s health, wellbeing or behaviour, always contact your own vet as soon as possible. Neither Twootz nor its contributors can be held responsible for the consequences of people acting solely on the information given on this website without seeking appropriate professional advice.