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Green Castle Estate House, Jamaica

Green Castle

If you are looking for a Jamaica villa for rent, Jamaican eco resort, or a unique Jamaica vacation; Green Castle Estate, Jamaica is a perfect solution.

Green Castle has an intimate guest house or villa rental on a historic plantation set among the lush green beauty of the Jamaican countryside. Our 1600 acres make it a true caribbean eco retreat and a perfect Jamaica family vacation or Jamaican holiday where you can have an authentic experience as well as a relaxing get-away.

Green Castle

For the bird-watcher, Jamaica has an awful lot to offer!

Jamaica has the highest concentration of endemic bird species of all the Caribbean Islands…

• 28 Endemics
• 19 Endemic Sub-species.
• 18 Caribbean Endemic species / sub-species.

45 of these (21 Endemics) (13 Endemic Sub-species) and (11 Caribbean Endemics) have been recorded on the Green Castle Estate alone.

In addition to these, Jamaica also hosts a large amount of Wintering North American Birds, 24 species of North American Wood Warblers for example.

Jamaica is the 3rd largest of all the Caribbean Islands, yet, it is still reasonably small by UK standards, from East to West….146 miles and from North to South at its widest point is 51 miles.

Located on the Eastern side of the Island, this is lush green mountainous country with many habitats and offering opportunity to see all the endemics at an easy going pace with leisurely birding. You can bird watch locally and travel to other areas, no more than 2 hours drive away to catch up with specific species which are more localised.

Green Castle

We have excellent local bird guides who are registered with the Jamaica Tourism Product Development Company an arm of the Jamaican Tourist Board, they can accompany you, making birding a little bit easier and helping you to locate the more restricted species.

See the beauty of Jamaica, experience the great local cuisine, great people and relish the Jamaican hospitality as well as superb bird watching.

Want to bring your non birding partners? No worries, Green Castle has a lovely pool, tennis court, beaches and beautiful vistas, there’s nothing more relaxing. Take a tour of our Orchid farm, look into the Islands history, sample Jamaican food like Jerk Chicken and sip on cool Jamaican Rum.

Green Castle

There’s a lot relaxing to do if you don’t fancy birding in the tropical climate, sit back, close your eyes, take a dip and simply enjoy a Rum punch.

Greencastle can cater for your every need, nothing is too much trouble.