Starling Gangs

Date: 2020-02-06 11:45:38 | Category: Bird Watching | Author: David Cole
Oh No! (says David Cole, a long time Twootz customer and wildlife photographer).

Towards the end of June each year the starlings arrive – parents with masses of squabbling adolescence youngsters.

By careful observation I have solved the mystery of the monumental battles that ensue – there are two rival gangs – the Mill Farm Mob and the Stag Park Syndicate…..

Mill Farm is one mile to the west of my home and Stag Park is one mile to the east – and unfortunately my home feeding tables are the venue for their ‘turf wars’.


The Stag Park Syndicate are the first to arrive – much feeding activity by parents and already well-grown youngsters – this is about 6.30am – but at about 7.15am the wars really start with the arrival of the Mill Farm Mob. At one time Mrs C and I counted 45 scrapping birds on the feeding tables and surrounding rose bushes – and take a look at those beaks!

Then throughout the day some sort of ‘arrangement’ seems to have been agreed with flurried visits from the east and the west at about hourly intervals – often however one gang overstays and the others arrives – Mayhem!!

It is strange really because a starling is a rarity throughout the rest of the year - is it the pressures of parenthood and the angst of teenage hormones that cause these midsummer battles?