Date: 2012-12-03 15:43:58 | Category: Twootz News | Author: Twootz Staff
We are proud to announce that we can now offer a wide range of excellent value, high quality cat, dog, pond fish and small animal feeds all made in the UK.

In this era of busy and fast paced lifestyles, many people are turning to online shopping for their pet and wild bird supplies, saving the hassle of taking the car, bus, train, bicycle, or skateboard to the pet store and lugging home large bags of food for their treasured pets and wildlife.

Dry Dog Food

Our dry dog foods are formulated to provide a nutritionally balanced diet using high quality ingredients for all dogs; from puppies to adult dogs, from small breeds to large and for working and sporting dogs.

We provide a wide variety of recipes to appeal to most diets; using real meats and vegetables to ensure your dog receives all the nutrition, energy, protein and vitamins required for a healthy lifestyle. Our range also includes specially formulated foods for growing puppies, for active sporting and working dogs, also for more senior dogs. Several of the foods are formulated with Verm-X, a natural internal parasite control, or Allergy-X which helps to alleviate several common skin conditions.

As with our dog foods, our cat foods are formulated using high quality ingredients to provide a balanced diet to all cats; from kittens to adults. They are made in a variety of flavours to appeal to all cats using carefully selected ingredients for a rich and balanced diet to help maintain the health and vitality of your pet.

Feeding Fish

The fish food range includes foods for all varieties of pond fish including the popular Koi varieties and are all made in the UK from quality ingredients and vitamins to provide a complete and balanced diet for all popular pond fish species. There are several blends and sizes to ensure all pond fish are catered for; a growth mix in high protein, a lighter, lower protein mix where some diet control is required and a winter mix for low temperature feeding.

For small animals we have a complete range of balanced foods for rabbits and ferrets, which are formulated to provide the animals with a balanced diet for health and vitality, as well as a fruity treat mix for a wide range of small animals. These mixes are made in the UK from high quality ingredients. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that your pets diet is well taken care of with these high quality and balanced foods. All of which are provided in a variety of pack sizes and all at our famously low process.

With these exciting additions to our range, we continue to bring you the quality you expect and a price you don't!