Original Fat Feast
fat feast

Original Flavour Fat Feast Suet Cake Treat Block for Wild Birds

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Beef fat, wheat, fibre, protein, calcium and sunflower seeds.

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Suet is a pure refined fat, and a good source of concentrated energy food for wild birds. Suitable for both adults and fledglings, suet can be fed all year round as it helps the birds through nesting, breeding, rearing as well as arming them for the cold winter months.

Original Fat Feast is made from a blend of suet, calcium, quality wheat and sunflower seeds, making these suet cakes appeal to a wide range of wild birds and providing them with a high energy food source in a handy block.

Suet cakes attracts an array of birds such as robins, finches, wrens, sparrows, dunnocks, starlings, siskins, nuthatches and tits.

These suet blocks contain a mix of suet, quality wheat and sunflower seeds to tickle the taste buds of all wild birds. Feed from a purpose made fat feast feeder that can be hung in your bird's favourite feeding spot, or directly from the bird table.

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