Fruitti Chinchilla

Fruitti Chinchilla

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Tropical fruits (mango, banana, chopped dates, apricots, wild berries), cereals (maize, wheat), vegetables (beans, peas, carrot), Alfalfa grass pellets, fruit flavouring.

Product Details

A complementary food for all Chinchillas.

Linkpet Fruitti Chinchilla is a premium blend of cereals, vegetables, Alfalfa grass pellets, tropical fruits from a selection such as mango, banana, dates, apricots and wild berries. It is formulated to appeal to all chinchillas giving them an interesting, varied and nutritious food source and should be fed with good hay. You may also wish to supplement your pet’s diet with occasional treats.

Chinchillas will eat approximately 30g per day. Always ensure fresh water and good forage is available for your pet.